I’ve been a late bloomer my entire life.

What you’ll find here: musings on boxing, running, yoga, and plant-based eating. Also included is the odd treatise on body consciousness and why women shouldn’t give a flying f**k about age, body type, or  insert other UNSUBSTANTIATED reason here ← when it comes to giving combat sports a try.

IMG_6310Updates/new posts: every Wednesday, and the occasional Saturday.

About me (the short of it): Canadian. Expat. Humanitarian. Writer. Traveller. Yogini. Avid reader. Wine obsessed. Diver. Plant-based eater. Runner. Lover of sarcasm. Meditator. Gin drinker. Spiritual gangster. Feminist. Amazon. Adventurer. Fledgling fighter.

About me (the long of it): I’m such a late bloomer a friend recently told me I have a ‘spirit plant’ instead of ‘spirit animal’. To find out what designation of plant I’d been ascribed head over to: WHY I FIGHT.

FTR: I despise Twitter. You can find me on Instagram or Facebook.