What you’ll find on this site: musings on boxing, running, yoga, plant-based eating, attempts at new sports, and exploration of health practices. Sprinkled in is the odd treatise on body consciousness and living out loud, as well as genderfied rants that rail against the ways in which we have been/are socialized. In the latter posts I try to get at the core of why women are still taught to give a damn about their age, body type, or  insert other UNSUBSTANTIATED reason here ← when it comes to pursuing their aspirations or giving new things (like combat sports) a try.

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Updates/new posts: I’ve been on hiatus for a hot minute because 2019 and 2020 were…well, challenging to say the least. The plan is to start updating this site again in Summer 2021 with new posts uploaded once or twice a month.

About me (the short of it): Canadian. Humanitarian. Writer. Wanderer. Relapsed student (PSY grad). Yogini. Avid reader. Wine swiller. Chocolate monger. Gin drinker. Underwater diver. Plant-based eater. Pavement pounder. Professional editor. Roller-skating newbie. Lover of sarcasm. Full-time meditator. Heart-gushing existentialist. Spiritual gangster. Feminist, womanist, humanist. Amazon or giantess, take your pick. Adventuring is in my blood and travel is my only constant. Occasional fighter who ascribes to the philosophy of #dobetterbebetter.

About me (the long of it): I’m such a late bloomer a friend once told me I have a ‘spirit plant’ instead of ‘spirit animal’. To find out what designation of plant I’d been ascribed check out: WHY I FIGHT.

FTR: Although social media is a major time and mental energy suck for me, I occasionally manage a few Instagram profiles and this is one. If you’re a kindred social media snob but want to connect all the same use the contact form or leave a post comment.