Christine Meizoso


Why do we fight? Every woman has her reasons, a different story to tell. I didn’t think I’d have as much fun as I did sitting down with my friend Christine to talk about her love for boxing and Muay Thai, and why she uses combat sports as a way to de-stress, get fit, and empower herself.

But it was a blast—and the best line of the entire interview?

We’re both advanced fighting age.

Damn right, we are.

Regardless of where we sit on the generational timeline, we choose to gear up when its time to get off the floor. We smile through the pain as we test our boundaries. Getting down and dirty is our daily mantra.

Our efforts shouldn’t be discounted because we mean business.

And ‘fight like a girl‘ is our anthem.

**If you’d rather listen to (instead of watch) this episode it is available via the link below or on SoundCloud.

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